Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"I Wanna Nack!"

this is what i hear like 20+ times a day. my children want to eat CONSTANTLY (and have a hard time pronouncing "S"). please understand for a person who is cooking illiterate, snacks are like surprise spelling tests sprinkled throughout the day.

so what do i do?

- peanut butter on something - banana, bread, crackers, apples
- hard boiled eggs! this one a bit of a hard sell (but so easy to make) they hate the yolk, don't really blame them "mommy am i eating a chick?"
- popcorn with butter and nutritional yeast (this used to be a go to dinner in my pre-child life)
- cheese wrapped with turkey cold cut
- cream cheese & rice crackers & cucumbers
- fresh blueberries
- bowl of oats with berries and applesauce
- kale chips (will post a recipe soon)
- get them to help me bake something yummy. this adds distraction and activity to stave off their voracious, ceaseless hunger

the wanting a snack i suspect is another way of them saying "i'm bored" which would drive me bananas so maybe snacking isn't so bad after all...

i must go make some popcorn now.

do you have any easy snack ideas? please comment and share your wisdom!

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