Thursday, July 22, 2010


tomorrow we go camping for the second time ever with kids. last year was good and bad. daughter loved it while son cried pretty much the entire weekend. ROUGH. thinking/hoping this year will be better. here is the plan for food...

cereal and scrambled eggs for breakfast
easy chili - frozen, to be thawed and eaten 2nd day
organic hot dogs from dufferin grove farmers market & beans from rural quebec bean restaurant called "la binerie". plan to eat this awesome meal twice - fire cooked hotdogs YES!
egg salad sandwiches and canned soup

nacho chips with salsa and guacamole
cut up fruit & veg
large bag o' smartfood
quinoa banana berry loaf - muffin recipie baked in loaf pan - easier to transport
i also made a few homemade larabars but then my brand new (cheap) food processor died on the second batch. note these bars are KILLER good will post the recipe when we get back
also planning a trip to the campground snackbar for a grilled cheese here and there MAYBE an ice cream cone too

looks like they are calling for thunderstorms for day one of camping - perfect. will let you know how the camping adventure goes...and what food notes i will have for next year's trip.

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