Thursday, July 15, 2010

GENIUS Snack Solution

OK so while the kids were away for a week shawn and i had an AMAZING time. one of the highlights - no joke - was giving our fridge a deep clean (finally!! and thank you shawn!). i decided to then assign the bottom shelf to kids snacks. now if/when the kids are hungry they can go to the fridge by themselves and take a snack. the only rule is that they have to take a different snack each time. here is what i have right now for snacking:

- bowl of chick peas
- pint of blueberries
- bowl of watermelon chunks
- cheesestrings
- leftover pasta from dinner
- bowl of grapes
- hummus and mini pitas

* and that rule is actually working. eva goes for a single grape then 5 minutes later a chunk of watermelon or a handful of chick peas. very cute. seriously this is a life changing solution (for me at least) that takes a very little amount of time to prep and i think it makes the kids feel all independent and kinda grownup. also very cute.

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