Sunday, July 25, 2010

Camping! notes from the trip...

heading up shawn and i realised that we forgot pretty much all of the yummy food! What??!? but thankfully had enough to tide us over anyway. and we ate a ton of marshmallows!

here is the scoop:

cereal and scrambled eggs for breakfast - FORGOT THE EGGS CEREAL WAS BREAKFAST
easy chili - frozen, to be thawed and eaten 2nd day - YEAH THIS WAS GOOD! CUT UP AVOCADO TO GO WITH.
organic hot dogs from dufferin grove farmers market & beans from rural quebec bean restaurant called "la binerie". - FORGOT THE HOT DOGS, STOPPED FOR YVES VEGGIE DOGS EN ROUTE TO CAMPSITE, THE BEANS WERE EATEN AT TWO MEALS
egg salad sandwiches and canned soup - THESE SANDWICHES HELD US OVER THE SNACK ATTACKS ON DAY ONE

nacho chips with salsa and guacamole - FORGOT THE SALSA, NEVER BOTHERED TO MAKE THE GUAC.
cut up fruit & veg - FORGOT
large bag o' smartfood - ATE THIS FIRST DAY ON BEACH
quinoa banana berry loaf - muffin recipie baked in loaf pan - easier to transport - FORGOT
a few homemade larabars  - FORGOT
also planning a trip to the campground snackbar for a grilled cheese here - NO GRILLED CHEESE BUT HELLO DILL PICKLE CHIPS!!!

we are going camping again next month, i think we have learned our lesson...

also i THINK my kids are slowing down on the snacking front? did i just jinx myself?

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