Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camping Trip #2

well people, it was a success. we did not forget the food!!! i know, amazing right?we actually ate really well!

2 large baskets of peaches were a good addition to our list, instant oatmeal instead of cereal, and Shawn's giant batch of amazing lentil soup was a fantastic meal (i will post that recipe soon...)

the pinery was gorgeous and even had yummy poutine for us at the tuck shop and the saltiest and vinegariest chips we have ever had. those were gross. but the poutine made primarily of salt was a yummy treat for me.

anyhoo we survived: it didn't pour rain and we had food to eat and made wicked campfires everynight.

**oh highly recommended is the campsite emergency phone that directs you to the camp warden office when the LOSERS right next to you party until 1 AM. had i known about this wonderful phone the night of, i would not have had to walk over and frighten them with my scary sleep deprived maniac shouting to shut the party down. i was happy to find out some one else had complained the next morning so i wasn't alone in my sleepy anger. but yeah next time i am all over that phone....beware loud loser campers.

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