Saturday, April 28, 2012

while you were sleeping

wake up mama it's 7am on saturday morning!! only 10 hours to fill until we go to the baseball game!!


there are a few ways to make this scenario better.

sanagans bacon.
el peto gluten free waffle/pancake mix. THE BEST THING IN THIS WORLD - know this.
fresh strawberries.
coffee beans (FULL COBRA) from the common.

here's what i wizarded up this morning...


then...lil theo and i mixed the mix as per instructions on the back but oh hey i added some pure vanilla extract and some frozen wild blueberrries while lil lucky eva slept in.

THEN i crisped up that bacon real good and crumbled the delicious morsels of salty fat on the blob of waffle batter before cooking.

butter waffles, slice up strawberries, add lots of maple syrup.


it's not all that bad getting up so early on a weekend...because now it is NAPTIME!

have a happy!

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